The project


Insula orchestra, in touch with our time

To us, being in touch with our time means closely relating to how music was performed during the composer’s life, while still benefiting from the assets of our era. It is also a will to take your aspirations into account and to surprise you, both at the Seine Musicale and on tour – be it in France or abroad. Our vision is crystal-clear: to serve baroque, classical and pre-romantic music at the best of our abilities, in a historically informed approach. Insula Orchestra was founded in 2012 by our artistic and musical director Laurence Equilbey. Thanks to the help of the Hauts-de-Seine department, we inaugurated the Seine Musicale in 2017.

Resident orchestra at the Seine Musicale

Our residency at the Seine Musicale, which began right after its inauguration in April 2017, is an integral part of the cultural project of the Hauts-de-Seine department. We perform in the Patrick Devedjian auditorium and are tasked with organizing part of the invited artists’ season. We invite prestigious artists from all parts of the world and support emerging ensembles.

22 000
spectators at the Seine Musicale attended concerts by Insula Orchestra and by artists programmed by the orchestra
musicians on the Seine Musicale stage during Insula orchestra’s season
pre-concert chats and family workshops offered to the spectators of the Seine Musicale around concerts
4 000
children or adult partakers to more than 200 educational activities organized by Insula orchestra in the Hauts-de-Seine region

Historical approach, modern eye

In order to stay at the closest to composers’ intentions, we perform on period instruments. We also conduct thorough musical, historical and political context research around the pieces we choose. The profound meaning of a piece, however, is timeless. Our artistic director Laurence Equilbey regularly invites stage directors from diverse backgrounds to confront their contemporary eye to baroque, classical and romantic performances. Works from the past thus resonate with our time.

Choosing period instruments

Our musicians perform on period instruments, and we regularly invite ensembles which have made the same choice at the Seine Musicale. Choosing period instruments means choosing to interpret the composer’s music as close to his or her original intentions as possible. Some of these instruments are originals, others are contemporary copies designed according to their historical versions and made out of the same material. They all require a specific playing technique.


German music from the Enlightenment to the height of the Romantic era is central to our repertoire. However, we do not slight Italian and French music. We choose to bring to light rare pieces alongside masterpieces of the repertoire, such as the work of female composers Louise Farrenc or Clara Schumann.


For us, being in touch with our time also means investing time and energy in an ambitious and inclusive program to share our music with larger audiences around concerts at the Seine Musicale. Schoolchildren, students, regulars, families, refugees, curious youngsters, amateur musicians… For several years, we have worked alongside you!

Beyond the stage: innovating

Being inclusive is essential to us. We undertake all that is in our power to render live performances accessible to all. Digital tools must be a path towards discovering classical music – this is why we chose to develop an innovative digital constellation around our projects, complemented by an ambitious educational and civic project at the Seine Musicale.