Our promise


Our societal involvements

Although being on stage and performing in front of spectators is our core practice, striving to engage all audiences in music discovery is what drives us forward.

Our involvement towards inclusion and transmission is divided into two poles:

Cultural mediation and educational activities, spread out since 2012 across the Hauts-de-Seine department. Whether targeting schools, audiences unable to access the arts, or wider audiences, they form a complete and innovative project ranging from raising awareness to collective creation and musical practice.

– The digital projects offered in open access on our website and social media, which propose multiple approaches to classical music. We multiply the gateways to classical repertoire to entice and surprise our audiences, be they novice or well-versed. Come discover period instruments with the Pinguins of Insula Orchestra, listen to a piece as if on stage thanks to virtual reality or discover behind-the-scenes of our creations thanks to the “Replay” series.


« Transmission and easier access to music have always been at the heart of my musical project. I greatly value youth and sharing: I wish to share all that I have learned, and I strongly believe that a musical piece can inspire society and change someone’s life. »

Laurence Equilbey, artistic and musical director

Each year, on average:
hours of social or educational activities
workshops throughout the Hauts-de-Seine department
3 550
children attend one of our workshops
people from sensitive environments (retirement homes, social care centres, hospitals) attend one of our workshops
1 980
young adolescents attend one of our workshops
partnerships with socio-cultural institutions