Orpheo’s Mind by Superbien


Orfeo ed Euridice, « Che puro Ciel ».

Franco Fagioli
Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey
installation and video

Insula orchestra s’associe à l’agence de création visuelle Superbien pour réaliser une œuvre vidéo abstraite et onirique sur un extrait d’Orfeo ed Euridice de Gluck, l’aria « Che puro Ciel ». Cet air, une des plus belles pages d’Orfeo ed Euridice, est interprété par le célèbre contre-ténor Franco Fagioli et Insula orchestra sous la direction de Laurence Equilbey.

Note d'intention de Superbien


There are sounds whose strength and lyricism span the ages, regardless of differences and boundaries to capture the emotions of bodies and souls of all kinds and in all conditions.

Orpheo’s Mind is one such example. Performed by the famous countertenor Franco Fagioli, with Insula orchestra under the direction of Laurence Equilbey, the aria “Che puro Ciel” from Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice is one of the most beautiful pieces in Orfeo ed Euridice.

To reveal its beauty, we have given substance to the intangible by creating a two-dimensional work where sound and image come together to transport the spectator through the harmonies of hypnotic poetry. A digital ode to the passage of time and the tumult of emotions experienced by Orpheus during his journey through hell.

At the center of this audiovisual poem is a cloud of sculpture almost levitating, embodying a certain spiritual illumination, a rising of the spirit. Carved as if out of organic matter, the graphic forms and the light that emerge from within invite a few pure colors, responding to the requirements of the chosen tempo. A synesthetic journey in the mind of Orpheus supported in the background by a succession of luminescent scenes.