Baroque sonatas

guest artists
19 Jun 2024
1h00 sans entracte
Wed 19.06.2024

19h00 La Seine Musicale

Petite Seine
10 €

Arcangelo Corelli, Jean-Baptiste Quentin

Anna Besson
Myriam Rignol
viola da gamba
Justin Taylor
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With the help of Justin Taylor on the harpsichord and Myriam Rignol on the viola da gamba, flutist Anna Besson returns to one of her favourite composers, Arcangelo Corelli, whose sonatas she recently recorded. Alongside works by this Italian master of the Baroque period, she performs previously unpublished sonatas by Jean-Baptiste Quentin, who illustrates the French violin school of the first half of the 18th century.

Photos from left to right © Anaëlle Trumka, Sébastien Chommy, Jean-Baptiste Millot

Ce concert est produit par le Département des Hauts-de-Seine et Insula orchestra.