was designed to compile the document libraries of orchestras who wish to share their knowledge and expertise. The open-source resources digital platform will be launched during an inauguration conference in June 2023, at the Seine Musicale.

An artistic and scientific approach

From the start, we have performed on period instruments and have undergone in-depth musical and scientific research on our repertoire in a historical approach.

We have thus created and compiled many documentary resources around our everyday practice, which show our artistic and scientific approach. Now, we wish to share these precious resources through a digital platform, It will comprise our thoughts and work tools, made available to other ensembles, young professionals, students and professors. It will also serve our educational programs: teachers will have access to our pedagogical resources and will discover our virtual courses and experiences. We will also carry out a personalised support program and provide rich editorial content, as well as organise workshops, conferences and training programs.

This platform is created in cooperation with six orchestras from all over Europe: France (Insula orchestra, les Arts Florissants), Germany (Balthasar Neumann Ensemble), Austria (Concentus Musicus Wien), Italy (Academia Bizantina), the Czech Republic (Collegium 1704) and their respective artistic and musical directors Laurence Equilbey, William Christie, Paul Agnew, Thomas Hengelbrock, Stefan Gottfried, Ottavio Dantone and Vaclac Luks.

Musical and scientific research on period instruments and orchestral dispositions
A collection already comprising 1000 scores, including unedited scores produced by our orchestra
Musicological and literary resources around pieces and programs
The videos created around our programs: new digital, artistic and educational tools