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Insula invited

Roger Muraro / Lambert Wilson

Spiritual Christmas

Roger Muraro Lambert Wilson


Franz Liszt

1h45 sans entracte


Franz Liszt
Harmonies poétiques et religieuses

After performing the complete series of pieces Années de pélerinage (Years of pilgrimage), the pianist Roger Muraro, a Franz Liszt specialist, returns to the Seine Musicale with another most ambitious project: performing the complete cycle of Harmonies poétiques et religieuses (Poetic and religious harmonies). This monumental, yet mystical score, is inspired by the eponymous collection of poems by Alphonse Lamartine – of which the actor Lambert Wilson will read out a selection. These pieces by Franz Liszt find in Roger Muraro a most sensitive, and inspired, performer.

12 December 2021 - 16h00
Auditorium Patrick Devedjian, La Seine Musicale (de 10 € à 45 €)

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