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Insula presented

Midsummer Night's Dream(s)


Midsummer Night’s Dream(s)

2h with interval
Concert in German with French subtitles


Carl Maria von Weber
Oberon, opening
Konzertstück in F minor
Felix Mendelssohn
Midsummer Night’s Dream

Felix Mendelssohn, a great admirer of Bach and Handel, made a major contribution to sustaining their popularity during the 19th century. His own superb Midsummer Night’s Dream, inspired by Shakespeare’s fairy tale play, remains faithful to the Baroque spirit and the importance it attached to theatricality. The programme will also feature two pieces by Carl Maria von Weber, another musician well-versed in theatre.

Associated activities event

#Starting-block, 28 september 2018, 19h30 | 30 min

Meeting with a musicologist.
Free entry upon availability.

28 September 2018 - 20h30
Auditorium, La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 45€)
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