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Insula presented

Memories of Scotland



2h with intermission


Niels Gade
Échos d’Ossian
Ludwig van Beethoven/Franck Krawczyck
Four Beethoven’s Scottish Songs
Felix Mendelssohn
Les Hébrides
On Lena’s Gloomy Heath (Sur la plaine obscure de Lena)
Symphony n° 3 “Scottish”

Ever heard of Ossian, the 3rd century Scottish bard? His poems fascinated more than one 19th century composer, inspiring works like Niels Gade’s melancholic Echoes of Ossian, and Beethoven’s Schottische Lieder – transcribed here for orchestra. Not to forget Felix Mendelssohn, whose picturesque Scottish Symphony, Hebrides and On Lena’s Gloomy Health owe as much to his reading of Ossian as to his journey to Scotland.

Associated activities event

#Le choix Insulab

26 septembre 2019
Programme recommandé aux 17-28 ans


26 septembre 2019, 19h30
30 minutes avec un·e musicologue avant la représentation, pour avoir toutes les clés du programme. Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles. Informations :

26 September 2019 - 20h30
Auditorium, La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 45 €)
Activité(s) associée(s)
29 September 2019 - 16h00
Cologne, Philharmonie (Germany)

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