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Concertos No 4 & 5 with Nicholas Angelich

Happy birthday Ludwig!

This recording is the first part of a diptych that will be continued in March 2019 with the recording “Beethoven 249” (Triple Concerto et Choral Fantasy).
Ludwig van Beethoven, Concertos No 4 and 5
Nicholas Angelich, piano
Insula orchestra
Laurence Equilbey, conductor

21 Septembre 2018, Warner Classics – Erato.

« We — Nicholas Angelich, the orchestra and I — were all striving for a kind of natural outpouring of energy so as to capture the improvisatory style so important in these concertos, such as in the almost hesitant opening chords of the Fourth Concerto or the grandiose, blazing arpeggios at the start of the Fifth Concerto. Poetry, blends of timbre, dramatic energy and light, and the combination of a Beethoven-type orchestra with a pianoforte from the end of the 19th century — these have all come together, I hope, as a unique contribution to the range of interpretations of these two masterpieces. »
Laurence Equilbey

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