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Insula invited

The late quartets #2


Les Derniers Quatuors #2

50 minutes sans entracte


Ludwig van Beethoven
String Quartet No 14 op. 131

After this, what is there left for us to write?” So, it is said, was Schubert’s response to Beethoven’s String Quartet No 14. The great Ludwig’s testament, his penultimate quartet radically overhauled the conventions of the genre, with its opening fugue and flow of music that relegates to secondary importance the traditional concept of movements. Melancholy, serenity, poetry, intensity, nuance and contrast: the score has all of these, as well as being packed full of surprises. A powerful work that blazed a trail for Wagner and Stravinsky, it was Beethoven’s own favourite quartet.

10 March 2018 - 19h00
La Seine Musicale, Salle Tutti (10€)

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