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Insula invited

Quatuor Tana

week-end at la seine musicale


quatuor tana

1h30 without an interval




Igor Stravinski
Three Pieces
Dmitri Chostakovitch
Quatuor No. 14
Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski
Quatuor No.1


A century separated Tchaikovsky’s Quartet n°1 from Shostakovich’s Quartet n°14. A century during which Russian composers were involved in every stylistic avant-garde, be it Romantic, serial, or popular. The music’s incredible modernity constantly challenged the repressive political regimes and social straightjackets of a Russia split between its revolution and the varnish of its bygone empire. Yet the music’s internal strength and messages, dissimulated to thwart censorship, helped to create true masterpieces of musical literature.
The Tana Quartet, a leading specialist in modern and contemporary music, will be our guide through the great century. Its hallmark is its choice of an original and resolutely contemporary repertoire. Attached to the traditions of the quartet, in which Russian music is a keystone, its musicians are firmly committed to expanding their horizons and seeking out works by today’s composers that will be the masterpieces of tomorrow. Their curiosity leads them to explore the multiple facets, styles and riches to be found in the scores being produced by living composers. This too is our approach as we offer to explore the great Russian repertory.
20 May 2017 - 16h00
La Seine Musicale (from 5 to 25€)

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