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Insula invited

Quatuor Hermès

festival at la seine musicale


Quatuor Hermès

1h without interval


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Quatuor n° 22
Ludwig van Beethoven
Quatuor n° 16


This outstanding evening offers you the chance to discover the young quartet Hermès, renowned for its recordings of Joseph Haydn and Beethoven on modern instruments. The programme will explore the filial link between Mozart and Beethoven.
Mozart was a major source of inspiration for Beethoven, 15 years younger, and who often played the elder’s music, firstly as a student, then, later, as a member of an orchestra. It is believed that the two men met in Vienna in 1787. The two works on this programme can be considered apogees of the string quartet repertory, both being written late in their respective composer’s lives and showing outstanding maturity.
The second of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s so-called “Prussian” quartets is also one of his shortest. Here, the star role is given to the cello, an often somewhat neglected instrument in the quartet, Mozart usually preferring the voices of the violin and the viola.
Beethoven’s quartet n°16 is one of his most interesting: despite its apparent simplicity — it is the shortest of the last five he wrote but, surprisingly, the most classical in form — it does have a very strong metaphysical dimension.
The piece fittingly closes a concert of quartets that were eminently innovative in the history of music.
26 June 2017 - 19h00
La Seine Musicale (from 5 to 20€)

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