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Insula invited

American Night


American Night

1h10 without interval


Leonard Bernstein
Missa Brevis
Samuel Barber
Philip Glass
Three Songs
Eric Whitacre
Lux aurumque
Leonardo Dreams of his Flying Machine
Violeta Cruz
Participatory piece, creation for accentus

America is boundless. At least, that is what Eric Whitacre seemed to be saying when he deployed his virtual choir for Lux aurumque, a work that originally reunited 185 voices from 12 different countries via YouTube. Equally inventive, the South American Violeta Cruz, commissioned by accentus, wrote a participatory piece combining a professional choir, a children’s choir and voices in the audience. Completed by works by Bernstein, Barber and Glass, the concert showcases the rising generation of composers, and medieval, jazz and repetitive music influences.

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#Le choix insulab le 10 septembre 2017 à 16H30

Programme recommandé aux 17-28 ans

#Starting-block le 10 septembre 2017 à 15h30 | 30min

Rencontre avec un musicologue
Entrée libre

10 September 2017 - 16h30
La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 30€)
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