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Insula presented

Night and Dreams I

Night and Dreams 1

1h50 with an interval
Concert in German with French subtitles



Franz Schubert
The Magic Harp, (Rosamunde’s Overture))
Symphony No.8 « Unfinished »
Lieder with orchestra
Die Forelle
Du bist die Ruh
Im Abendrot
Die Junge Nonne
Nacht und Traüme
An Silvia
Gruppe aus dem Tartarus
Romanze aus Rosamunde
(orchestrés par
 F. Schubert, F. Liszt,
 J. Brahms, M. Reger,
 R. Strauss, H. Berlioz,
 B. Britten, A. Webern,
 F. Krawczyk)


Schubert’s Lieder are among the finest Romantic works. Fascinating, they were often orchestrated by Schubert himself or by the composers of the next generation, most famously Liszt, Brahms, Strauss, and Berlioz.

These orchestrations are a treasure for audiences, shedding remarkable light on the works. Schubert’s Symphony n° 8 “Unfinished” — or completed, if we accept the idea of a Schubert dream in two parts — is one of the world’s most regularly performed pieces.

Associated activities event

#Starting-block, November 5, 19 :00

A 30-minute presentation of the concert, for extra insights into the programme.

Entrance free


#After November 5

Nuit & Rave with Chapelier Fou and Ultra Chaton. Musical performances for a great end to the evening.

Reservation : 03 87 74 16 16 –

03 November 2016 - 20h00
Échirolles, La Rampe
05 November 2016 - 20h00
Metz, Arsenal

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