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Insula invited

Music and the Random Factor


music and the random factor

1h without interval



John Cage
Musics and improvisations

Do you believe in luck? The composer John Cage certainly did, so firmly that he made it central to his music. He placed erasers, screws and nuts on the piano strings to explore the impact of chance on the sound itself, Tempo too, each conductor being free to choose the length of a piece. Thierry Balasse and his theatre company follow in his footsteps. This is one concert where the random factor will be given free rein: from the running order to the choice of instruments! Both will be pulled out of a hat. Two things only are sure: the music will be by John Cage and the concert might well change the way you perceive music itself.

09 September 2017 - 18h30
La Seine Musicale, Salle Tutti (10€)

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