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Insula invited

Mozart and his Contemporaries

festival at la seine musicale


Mozart and his Contemporaries

1h without an interval


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata in G major
Sonata in C major
Jan Ladislav Dussek
Sonata in B-flat major
Friedrich Wilhelm Rust
Sonata in F major
Francisco Alvarado


Illustrating a change in contemporary aesthetics, the pianoforte was, in Mozart’s day, an instrument the sound of which was being explored just as acoustic and electronic combinations are today; pedals commanded different registers of timbre. Amandine Beyer and Edoardo Torbianelli, great specialists of baroque and classical music, take this opportunity to interpret a pianoforte repertory that is emblematic of this tipping point in the history of music.
They offer us a programme carefully designed to give us insights into the aesthetics of the feelings and theatricality that Mozart successfully brought to an incandescent apogee in his sonatas for pianoforte and violin. In addition to Mozart’s ground-breaking works, Amandine Beyer and Edoardo Torbianelli will interpret neglected pieces by the great composer’s contemporaries: the violinist and pianist Friedrich Wilhelm Rust, heir to Bach’s artistic legacy, and the pianist Jan Ladislav Dussek, a flamboyant virtuoso who prefigured the pyrotechnics of Liszt. Their works stand up to comparison with the instrumental invention and expressiveness of Mozart’s best-known works.
The programme will be completed by a contemporary piece conceived by the young Chilean composer Francisco Alvarado as an ongoing exploration of the different timbres deployed by the pianoforte accompanied by the violin.
24 June 2017 - 16h30
La Seine Musicale (from 5 to 20€)
25 June 2017 - 16h30
La Seine Musicale (from 5 to 20€)

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