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Insula Presents

The Creation

The Creation, Die Schöpfung

Stage creation
1h45 without an interval
German concerts subtitled in French


Joseph Haydn
La Création, Die Schöpfung
…and Insula orchestra recreated the Genesis. 100 artists were invited to contribute to a digital spectacular in which creation is approached through the scientific prism of DNA.
A warm wind from the Mediterranean gusts through the stage production by the Catalan collective La Fura dels Baus, presented by Insula orchestra and its loyal partner, accentus. The bold premiere will then tour France, Austria and Germany.

Associated activities event

#Starting-block à La Seine Musicale le 12 juillet à 19h30

Rencontre avec un·e musicologue d’Insula orchestra

Entrée libre

12 July 2018 - 20h30
La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 60€)
Activité(s) associée(s)
19 July 2018 - 19h30
New York, Lincoln Center
20 July 2018 - 19h30
New York, Lincoln Center

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