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Insula invited

Justin Taylor, the harpsichord from father to son


Justin Taylor, the harpsichord from father to son

1h without interval


Louis Couperin
Prelude in C minor
Prelude in E mior
François Couperin
La Ténébreuse, La Favorite, Les Regrets, La Forqueray…
Antoine Forqueray
Suite for three violas
Jean-Baptiste Forqueray
La Rameau, La Boisson, Jupiter…

Couperin et Forqueray, preludes and suites
The Forqueray’s were not just a Dynasty. They were more like a French Dallas! Born in 1699, Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Forqueray had a miserable childhood. His father Antoine, himself a composer and envious of his son’s talent, had him imprisoned and tried to get him exiled. Planet Couperin was less merciless. François Couperin, the master of the harpsichord, learned everything from his father, while his godfather, Uncle Louis, was an illustrious member of the family too. In this recital, harpsichordist Justin Taylor explores the works of both families.

26 January 2019 - 16h30
Auditorium, La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 35€)

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