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Insula invited

En Famille, la Musique sans Marteau

week-end at la seine musicale


en famille, la musique sans marteau

1h without an interval



Works of:
Raphaël Cendo, Anton Webern, Igor Stravinski, Béla Bartók, György Ligeti, etc.
Adopting this title as a nod in the direction of Pierre Boulez’ legendary work Marteau sans maître (The Master Without a Hammer), Béla Quartet offers a concert of contemporary music for young ears …
The musical landscape of the last 50 years has been such a whirlwind!
The explosion of forms, amplification, the deconstruction of tonality and melody, computer technology, commercial music, world music, globalization, nostalgia for tonality, machines, the random factor, crossover, contemporary music and improvisation…
Not to forget the iconic figures of Cage, Ligeti, Henri, and Berio who have carved out previously unimagined paths, like mountaineers scaling the Himalayas of music. These mad but lucid torch-bearers, braving the near-murderous incredulity of music lovers, spun out the languages of the future that have given us keys to read our world.
An adventure on this scale desperately deserves our attention and Béla Quartet, surfing the pleasurable wave of discovery, offers to introduce the ears of our youngest listeners to the musical twists and turns of this fresco. A must-see-and-hear show for audiences of all ages!
21 May 2017 - 14h00
La Seine Musicale (from 5 to 20€)

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