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Insula invited

B'Rock Orchestra / Haendel / Bach


B’Rock Orchestra

1h50 with intermission


Jean-Féry Rebel
Les Élémens
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Suites de la nature et ses éléments
Georg Friedrich Haendel
Water Music
Johann Sebastian Bach
orchestral suite n° 4

If nature did so much to inspire the Baroque composers, it is because it lends itself to such infinite variations, either taking a pastoral turn in Rameau’s Suites or morphing into something more spectacular in Handel’s Water Music. Jean-Féry Rebel describes the creation of the world in a visionary work: Les Élémens. Even Johann Sebastian Bach, in a rare excursion, succumbs to the charms of the countryside in his Suite for Orchestra n° 4.

Associated activities event

28 février 2020, 19h30
30 minutes avec un·e musicologue avant la représentation, pour avoir toutes les clés du programme. Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles. Informations :

28 February 2020 - 20h30
Auditorium, La Seine Musicale (from 10 to 45 €)
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